To develop our game application we are using the C++ language within the Visual C++ environment as it runs under Windows (32-bit). We use standard SDL/OpenGL for the graphic module of our game and POSIX threads for the concurrent synchronization of the various tasks that might require it.

 The game is a hard real time application that runs at 25 frames per second, thus the period time is 40ms. This implicitly means that the code will be as much optimized as possible to satisfy the real time restrictions.

 The game is being developed in different modules such as: graphical 3D engine, network and communications layer, artificial intelligence support module, GUI module and game control module. Obviously, the major obstacles are the creation of the graphical 3D engine because of its own complexity, the artificial intelligence support module because of the real time restrictions and the network layer for optimal network transmissions.


 The main parts of the game:

- Custom 3D engine

- Hard real time compliant artificial intelligence

- Optimal network and communications system


The main features of the game:

- Solo game

- Multiplayer game

- A solid network protocol to allow the creation of other clients for other platforms

- Exciting 3D graphics

- Hours of intense game play.


 The network protocol is custom made to the necessities of the game and has been designed through the agreement of about 40 experts on the matter and will be publicly available as documentation. The game has already succeeded the design phase and there are already previews of the alpha 3D engine.

Notice that we are already 5 developers on the matter and expect to have a fully functional game for June 2005. About sourceforge hosting, we will use the services just to upload source code, binaries, documentation and other game related resources.